Wednesday, May 10, 2006

With All Our Might

The Moose suggests that the world remains a dangerous place.

Our President is severely weakened and our enemies are emboldened. Yesterday, the Iranian tyrant issued a propaganda missive that was Hitlerian in its content and intent. His rant masqueraded as a diplomatic overture will no doubt cause some to welcome it as an extended olive branch. In the 1930's, Hitler similarly attempted to encourage appeasement with hints of reconciliation.

History repeats itself as a farce.

The New York Times,

"Mr. Ahmadinejad, who has said that Israel should be wiped off the map, again questioned the Holocaust and the basis upon which Israel was created, asking whether support for such a "regime" by the United States government was in line with Christian teachings."

No doubt, Ahmadinejad is getting advice from Teheran's Jihad Communications Strategies Group on how to persuade and influence the new "useful idiots" of the West. Focus groups of gullible Westeners might have been surveyed. For instance, this line could be embraced by the Move On crowd,

"If billions of dollars spent on security, military campaigns and troop movement were instead spent on issues including health and aid to the poor, he wrote, "would there have been an ever increasing global hatred of the American governments?"

Yes, all we are saying is give peace a chance and annihilate a few million more Jews.

While the Bushies increasingly appear hapless, will Democrats step forward to deal with Iran and other threats? Here is the fundamental test of a successful Democratic Presidential candidate in 2008 - Will the American people look at him/her and conclude that he/she is as tough or tougher than the Republican nominee on national security? As the Moose is fond of saying, the most hawkish candidate wins Presidential elections. Even in the post-Cold War election of 1992, Bill Clinton ran to the right of President Bush on the Balkans and China.

While it is fine to talk tough, a candidate must also have policies to underscore his/her toughness. That was the case on domestic policy back in 1992 when Bill Clinton ran for President. He established that he wasn't a woolly headed liberal with strong positions on the death penalty and welfare reform.

And so, Democrats running in 2008 must establish that they can be trusted with national security. In short, that they must show the American people that they understand that the primary threat to the security of this nation is Jihadist radicalism - and possess concrete policies to defeat our enemies.

Consequently, all '08 wannabees (and Moosketeers) should immediately read With All our Might, A Progressive Strategy for Defeating Jihadism and Defending Liberty which is edited by Will Marshall. The various authors offer a five point plan to fight Jihadism,

  • Marshalling all of America's manifold strengths, starting with our military power but going well beyond it, for the struggle ahead;

  • Rebuilding America's alliances, because democratic solidarity is one of our greatest strategic assets;

  • Championing liberal democracy in deed, not just in rhetoric, because a freer world is a safer world;

  • Renewing U.S. leadership in the international economy and rise to the challenge of global competition; and

  • Summoning from the American people a new spirit of national unity and service.
While Democrats may achieve success this year without establishing their foreign policy credentials, the next potential Commander in Chief must demonstrate that he/she will lead America to victory in this war. This book is a useful guide for that future President.
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