Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A 9-11 Nation

The Moose warns the donkey about his security vulnerability.

In the last several months, national Democratic leaders have been more and more vocal criticizing the Administration's efforts to detect terrorists. One Democrat with Presidential aspirations even suggested censuring the President for the NSA program. And, many in the Party cheered him on.

Most opinion polls showed that the nation largely supported the NSA surveillance program. However, Democrats were emboldened by poll results which showed that the party was erasing the Republican advantage on national security. However, a recent survey by the Washington Post shows that Democrats may be paying the price for appearing less aggressive on hunting down those who seek to kill us.

Yesterday's Washington Post,

"A month ago, Democrats held a five-point lead over Republicans on dealing with international terrorism. Republicans now hold a seven-point advantage."

Although there is significant unease with the Administration's handling of the Iraq war, there is no evidence that the American people are any less hawkish. It is likely that the source of much of that dissatisfaction is the concern that, due to the Administration's errors, we might not prevail. Yet, all Democrats can speak of is how quickly we leave.

While anti-war Democrats claim that they view the Iraq conflict as a diversion from the "real" war against terrorism, there is little evidence that they would aggressively pursue this fight. Many view it less as a war and more as a police action with guidelines supervised by the ACLU.

Increasingly, these leftists are to the war on terror what 60's liberals were to law and order. Democrats were not able to prove they were tough on crime until Bill Clinton came along in '92 as a "different kind of Democrat" who aggressively supported the death penalty.

Ultimately, Republican incompetence may be sufficient for major Democratic gains in November. And terrorism may not become a major issue until the '08 Presidential race - but, maybe not. We still live in a 9-11 world and we are a 9-11 nation. And the public once again is crediting the Republicans as the party that can best defend the country against the Jihadist foe.

That should give the donkey pause.
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