Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Foil heads and Level heads

The Moose rants.

A group of Democratic Presidential wanabees are busy offering mea culpas and reversals on their positions on Iraq. The 20/20 hindsight brigade pleads if they only knew then what they know now they wouldn't have cast their vote to topple Saddam. Now, they have had enough and want to leave Iraq to the tender mercies of the Baathists and assorted Jihadists.

And some wonder why the Democratic Party has suffered from lack of trust on national security issues? If the Moose only knew then what he knows now about the politicians who switch and pander to the base when it becomes politically popular.

Only hawks win Presidential elections. The American people want a Commander-in-Chief who is resolute, decisive and forward-looking. Fortunately, Hillary understands that and she admirably held her ground yesterday before a group of impolite lefties. Bully for her!

America simply cannot afford a defeat that emboldens our enemies - we already experienced that in the aftermath of Vietnam. As others have observed, if America withdraws now, we would hand a posthumous victory to Zarqawi. And the Democratic Party would be branded for the next generation as the party of retreat.

Unfortunately, the leadership of the Democratic party is in a full sprint into the outer reaches of American politics. They are seizing defeat from the jaws of victory. This weekend they pandered to the tin-foil hat brigade of the blogosphere .The RNC has all the footage in the can. Count on it. Republicans should send Harry Reid and Howard Dean a special thank you note for helping brand the party as out of step with Main Street America.

And all of those wing nuts who thought they would be celebrating "Fitzmas" with a Rove indictment should understand that the corruption issue is turning into a dud. The American people increasingly cannot discern who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

The issue of the day will soon be the Democrats lurch to the left. Where are the responsible voices in the party? Do they not realize that all of the Republican incompetence and corruption will mean absolutely nothing if the American people view the Democrats as a bit nutty and a bit fringy?

Here's the hard truth. Democrats are making themselves the issue rather than the GOP as their leaders pander to the fringe of American politics. That is not a "GOP talking point", but rather the line of assault that the GOP will soon be advancing in a Congressional district near you.

Until the party moves beyond Bush rage, Democratic leaders are serving as Rove enablers. He thanks you all.
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