Friday, June 23, 2006

Sam Houston Smiles

The Moose congratulates the Kinkster.

Good news from the Lone Star State! Kinky Friedman has been certified to appear on the November ballot as a candidate for Governor.

At least in Texas, voters will have a real choice for their Chief Executive. Texians will be able to select either the Republican or Democrat or from two independent candidates. That's political diversity.

The Moose's choice is clear - Kinky, of course. As the Moose writes this post, he is staring at his Kinky Friedman Talking Action figure which his colleagues purchased for his birthday a couple of weeks ago (which is a bargain at $29.95). As a matter of fact, Kinky just declared to the Moose that "If you elect the first Jewish Governor of Texas, I'll reduce the speed limit to 54.95." (another bargain).

The Moose argues that Kinky types are the remedy to the disease that plagues the two parties which are too often guided by their respective bases rather than reason. This year, the Moose is on a mission for two independent minded types - Kinky and Joe. We need more of them in American politics.

And if Kinky wins, he will be the first independent Texas Governor since the great one - Sam Houston. Not bad at all.
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