Thursday, June 15, 2006


The Moose salutes resolute Senators.

It is rare in American politics these days for elected officials to stand up for what they think is right even if it displeases some in their parties. Of course, the Moose disagrees with many politicians who are principled stalwarts for their perspective - Russ Feingold and Ted Kennedy are two prime examples.

However, we live at a time when even the best cannot avoid the temptation to discard once strongly held positions to appease the base. That is why it was particularly pleasing to see Senator Clinton stand before an anti-war crowd and refuse to capitulate. Instead, she firmly restated her position that it would be unwise to set a date for withdrawal of troops. While she has been strongly critical of the Administration's management of the post-invasion, Hillary refuses to buckle to the sentiment among liberals that we announce the date to our enemies when we leave.

Senator Clinton displayed Presidential mettle. That is not an endorsement, but rather praise for a brave stand. They are far too rare in American politics.

Contrast Hillary's position to that of Senators Edwards and Kerry (who the Moose defended against the Swift Boat slanders). First, they were for the war. Then, when Dean caught on in the primaries, they opposed funding for the war. In August, '04, Kerry restated that he would have voted for the war. Now, when the overwhelming Democratic sentiment is anti-war, they confess they were wrong from the beginning.

You get the picture.

To their credit, Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman are two additional high-profile Democrats who have put country before partisanship when it comes to foreign policy. Although Senator Biden has been strongly critical of Administration policy, the Moose was struck by his recent comments that he wishes for the President's success in Iraq - because when he succeeds in foreign policy, America succeeds. That was a profoundly patriotic comment that one rarely hears in Washington these days.

And, of course, Joe Lieberman refuses to waver. While many politicians claim not to be guided by polls, Joe truly puts principle first. He is a profile in courage. The scorn of puerile bloggers and assorted lefties should be worn as a badge of honor.

America needs folks like Hillary, Biden and Lieberman. Country before party.
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