Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stand With Israel

The Moose comments on the Gaza incursion.

The Moose was skeptically hopeful about the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. It was an potential opening for peace. Subsequent events, however, have proven otherwise.

The Palestinians have chosen terror over peace. Given the chance to elect their own representatives, their opted for a Jihadist government. We are witnessing the limitations of democracy absent a democratic culture.

The Palestinian people have yet to reconcile themselves to accept the existence of Israel. When their missiles strike into the pre-1967 borders of Israel, a message is being sent. When Hamas terrorists kidnap Israelis, a message is being delivered. This conflict is not about the "occupation" of 1967, it is about the "occupation" of 1948.

Actually, Israel does not "occupy" territory. The West Bank, Gaza, Sinai and the Golan were obtained as a result of a war of self-defense against Arab aggression in 1967. Israel relinquished the Sinai to a government that recognized Israel's existence. Israel unilaterally ceded the Gaza. And she plans to leave most of the West Bank. Incredibly, Israel even allowed her adversaries to arm themselves in territories that are ostensibly "occupied."

And what has been gained by the Oslo process? The result has been more terror directed against her citizens and more extremism from the Palestinians. And yet many still argue that the Israelis need to make more and more concessions. National suicide, however, is not an option.

No doubt, the world community will condemn the Israelis for the latest incursion. It troubles the conscience of so many world leaders that those Jews have the arrogance to defend themselves. World opinion cares little for the Palestinians. If it did, it would insist that Palestinian leaders renounce terror,live peacefully with the Israelis and learn how to prosper.

The war in Gaza is an extension of the world-wide war against Jihadist terror. It would come as no surprise if Syria (which has given refuge to Hamas' leader) and even Iran were instigating the latest attacks on Israel.

There are three major active fronts in this international war on Jihadist terror. One front is in Afghanistan. Another is in Iraq.

And the third - we must stand with the Israelis - their fight is our fight.
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