Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Triumph for Civilization

The Moose comments on the death of Zarqawi.

Evil has suffered a setback. This is a moment of clarity for civilization. Zarqawi was a moral monster who sought to destroy everything that humane people cherish. And his death is a reminder about the nature of this war.

This is a just war. Our troops are not fighting to gain territory or colonize another people. Rather they are confronting the face of evil. Our forces liberated a nation and toppled one of the worst tyrants of the last century. Much has gone wrong, but we should not apologize for this fight.

Zarqawi understood the stakes in this conflict. Unfortunately, many in the West do not comprehend the nature of this fight. Zarqawi thought that his brazen killing of innocents would weaken our will - and it has. But he knew that if he could force America to retreat in the face of his barbarism - barbarism would have the upper hand.

Of course, Zarqawi's death does not mean that this battle is over - far from it. But, this should be remembered - if we followed the advice of those who suggest we give up and retreat - Zarqawi would not just be alive, he would triumph. And that is a price that humanity cannot afford to pay.

For the past few days, the press has focused on the incident at Haditha. If a few troops violated the rules of war, they should certainly be punished. But, today and tomorrow and the days after that we should repeatedly praise the bravery, courage and professionalism of our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen who are the liberators of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yesterday, they removed a moral monster from the face of the earth.
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