Monday, July 17, 2006

Asymmetrical Warfare

The Moose suggests that world opinion is vastly overestimated

It is said that the current conflict in the Middle East is an example of asymmetrical warfare. It is, but not in the way most consider this type of conflict. Asymmetrical war commonly refers to the situation where one side has vast armaments and the other must rely on guerilla or terrorist tactics.

When the Moose invokes the term asymmetrical warfare,he is referring to the current moral dilemma that confronts Israel. Unlike every other nation in the world, Israel is condemned and cautioned when she defends herself. She can't win in the arena of the world diplomatic community. It is stacked against her. That is the real asymmetrical battle.

Predictably, vaunted and valued world opinion is denouncing Israel. Already, the United States was forced to use its veto to stop a condemnation in the UN for the Gaza incursion. Nation after nation is lining up to denounce Israel's actions of self-defense in Lebanon. Interestingly,along with the U.S., the countries who may be most supportive of Israel's actions are the Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt who deeply fear the power of Iran. Europe, however, the home of the Holocaust, is mostly eager to get their licks in on Israel.

Senator Schumer put it well,

"Europeans have forgotten the Nazi Holocaust and expect Israel to let Hamas and Hezbollah attack with impunity. It was in Europe that the Holocaust occurred only 60 years ago, and that's why Israel was created, so there would be a safe haven for the Jewish people," he told WNBC/Channel 4's Gabe Pressman.

"They are not evenhanded. I say shame on them. Can you imagine if missiles from Italy or Switzerland rained in on the third biggest city in France?"

Of course, the world will talk of restraint and even-handedness, but the only restraint they care about is that Jews should not defend themselves. "World opinion" is almost always wrong when it comes to the conflict. As a matter of fact, when is world opinion right? During the thirties when Hitler was on the march, the world appeased. During the eighties when Reagan confronted the Soviets, the world howled. When Rwandans were slaughtered , the world shrugged their collective shoulders.

There is a clear way to prevent any further tragedy and threats to the fragile government in Lebanon. The world should force Iran and Syria to halt their proxies from attacking a sovereign state. Fat chance, that. The only thing that is disproportionate is the cowardice of the international community in confronting Iran.

What this conflict is about is an Islamist war on the non-believers. They want the non-Islamic outpost removed. With their Syrian allies, the Iranians have used their proxies to attack Israel and divert attention from their nuclear program. As others have pointed out, this is the equivalent of the Spanish Civil War which is a prelude to a broader war. And the Palestinians matter little - they are only a sideshow. The Iranians are at war with the West in their effort to become the dominant regional power. This is not just Israel's fight.

And just as the world appeased Hitler, they will strive to placate the Jew hating mullahs in Iran. But, this time the script will be different. Those pesky Jews have a state and an army to defend it. And in the asymmetrical moral war, the world will condemn every act of self-defense of the Jewish state. So be it.

Thank God there is America. At least here, there is little moral ambiguity about the nature of this conflict. The Moose agrees with those who argue that America should be more involved in the region. For too long we have tolerated Iranian mischief in Iraq. And it is time to step up the pressure to stop Tehran's nuclear ambitions. Weakness invites further turmoil.

Unfortunately, whatever moral confusion that exists in America is largely found on the left. That is odd. After all, there is only one state in the Middle East - Israel - that provides full democratic rights for Arabs, gay rights, labor rights and women rights.

And what of the so-called progressive blogosphere? At best, there is moral ambiguity. While they can easily rant and rail about the misdeeds of the Bushies, even the more thoughtful bloggers can only lament how "complex" the issue is. However, posts and discussion threads are usually toxic wast dumps for anti-Israel garbage. See here, here , here, and here.

Encountering this vile venom, M.J. Rosenberg wrote on TPM Cafe,

"So it's quite the surprise to see the vile Jew-baiting directing at me for simply saying that Israel has the right to defend itself against Hezbollah while restating my view that Israel must negotiate immediately with the Palestinian to implement UN Res 242...

"But what I see here is pure and simple race hatred. Frankly, if I saw any of you walking down the street, I'd hide my kids. You are old fashioned anti-semites, what my father-in-law would have called pogromchiks. I suspect Jews are not the only minority you despise. Haters don't usually confine themselves to one group.

"Get yourselves over to Aryan Nation where you belong."

The lefties claim that they are resolute terror fighters - they boast that they supported the Afghanistan war. Yet, Israel is removing terrorist havens just as America did in Afghanistan. But where is the full throated support for Israel's actions from the bloggers?

Democratic pro-Israel politicians who have become enamored with the blogosphere take note - is there one major left blog that is unabashedly supportive of Israel? The lefty bloggers are not just upset about the Iraq war, they are resistant to any serious effort to combat terrorism - including Israel's right to self-defense. If you want to find the most visible anti- Israel sentiment in the Democratic Party, take a trip around the left wing blogosphere that is so heralded and pandered to these days.

Please forgive the Moose - perhaps he is incapable of the deep and subtle thoughts that easily occur to his lefty friends. Maybe, the deep mysteries of the Levant elude him. But, this is how he sees the situation - a democratic, progressive state is fighting aggression initiated by two terrorist organizations which are proxies for fascist Jihadist states that seek to project power and eliminate Israel.

The Moose avers that in this asymmetrical moral war there are no neutrals here.
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