Monday, July 31, 2006


The Moose considers the real culprit.

The accidental killing of civilians in Qana is a horrific tragedy. And the blame for this sad incident primarily lies with Hizbolla. Needless to say, that is not the way the world interprets it. World opinion excoriates Israel. There is no nuance. There is no understanding of Israel's predicament. There is no fault placed at Hizbolla's doorstep despite the fact that the terrorist organization is responsible for this war. There is no acknowledgement that Hizbolla regularly uses civilians as human shields by cynically putting its missile launchers in civilian neighborhoods.

While Israel warns civilians and makes every attempt to avoid killing innocents, Hizbolla deliberately and intentionally targets non-combatants. Let's cut the numbing moral posturing of the world's hypocrites- no country in the world can allow its cities to be attacked by thousands of missiles bringing normal life to a halt.

Yet, the world will not make a distinction between a terrorist organization attacking a country and another nation acting in self-defense. Israel did not ask for this war. Long ago, Israel left Lebanon. If there is to be genuine peace and and end to the killing, the world must start making genuine moral distinctions - not likely anytime soon.

And the world must also get serious about the ultimate instigator of this war - Iran. Hizbollah is merely a franchise of Tehran and Damascus. At the moment, the mullahs and the tyrant of Syria must be gloating. In Israel, there will be a necessary debate over whether Prime Minister Olmert devised the right strategy by rejecting a large invasion and relying primarily on an air war.

While Israel confronts Tehran's surrogates, the world is doing little to nothing about the emerging Iranian nuclear threat. Instead, it is heaping outrage on a nation that is defending itself against Iranian terrorist surrogates.

In the coming days, there will be immense pressure for a complete cease-fire which will hand Hizbollah a victory. And it will not end the killing of innocents - Iran and its terrorist assistants will inevitably resume the war against liberal civilization.

Count on it.
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