Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Conceit

The Moose comments on the not so hidden agenda of the left.

Over and over again, the lefty bloggers contend that their major objective is not an ideological one but rather a partisan one. They claim that they want to win. Badly.

The Moose begs to differ. It is not the goal of the left to prevail, but rather to purify. That is what the Lieberman Purge Attempt is all about. Actually, this is very much an ideological movement that is driven by a neo-isolationist, MoveOn.org, Pat Buchanan-lite imperative to rid the Democratic Party of the centrist hawks.

Of course, they do not intend to defeat them all, but rather send the Party leaders a message for the 2008 Presidential Primaries. By defeating Joe, they hope to intimidate the '08 wannabees into becoming compliant doves. They have already been successful with Kerry and Edwards. Who will be next?

The left is now precipitating a civil war within the Democratic Party. But, maybe not. Some centrist leaders who know better are already striking the colors. They are showing no fight. Some are caving in the hope of appeasing the fever swamp as they pursue other ambitions.

Other Democratic colleagues are astutely standing with Joe,

"Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware, Barbara Boxer of California and Ken Salazar of Colorado plan to campaign in Connecticut for Lieberman between now and the Aug. 8 primary. Their goal is to reassure the party faithful of the three-term senator's loyalty to Democratic causes, including women's issues, labor and the environment."

Senator Biden is particularly deserving of praise for campaigning for Joe. He has expressed interest in running for the White House '08, but his ambition has not deterred him from defying the nutroots and taking a stand for the vital center. Bully for him!

Make no mistake, if the left is successful with Joe, they will be coming after other centrists. They will be emboldened.

All of this is grand news for the Republicans. One would think that the big political story would be the GOP holding onto power for dear life. Instead, the new narrative that is emerging is about the national Deaniac left telling Democratic hawks to beat it. The lefties' goal is a McGovernite party without the Scoop wing.

Let's be clear - these bloggers are the left-wing equivalent of the Freepers. And, the leadership class of the Democrats is according deference to this left wing Freeper contagion.

The left's agenda is not to defeat the Republicans, but to purify the party. That is their great conceit.
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