Friday, July 07, 2006

Curious Moose

A inquiring Moose wonders whether Mr. Ned is not the anti-establishmentarian he makes out to be.

Last night, Mr. Lamont attempted to pose as the scourge of the establishment. However, he strangely demurred when Joe asked him to reveal his tax returns. What was up with that? We thought that Mr. Ned would certainly want to champion transparency as the tribune of the grassroots.

However, like some of his blogosphere comrades, Mr. Ned apparently goes mute when he is asked to show the people what his finances are all about. Sure, a multi-millionaire heir to a robber baron fortune probably has rather complicated returns. But, for the sake of the people, he surely can get his accountant to provide an assist.

So, nutroots, where is the outrage? Don't you want to hold the politicians accountable? Or have you discarded you principles for the sake of crass political opportunism?

Mr. Ned, let the people see your returns!
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