Friday, July 14, 2006

Defend Israel

The Moose comments on the current Middle East crisis.

When President Bush announced his support for a Palestinian state, the Moose was skeptical. The Moose does not necessarily believe it is a good idea that Israel should hold onto the occupied territory. Indeed, the demographics of the region dictate that it is extremely problematic that this territory remains in the hands of the Jewish state.

The difficulty in continuing along the path toward a two-state solution is that no country can allow a terrorist state on its borders. Now, Israel has two - an embryonic one in Gaza and a Lebanese state that harbors terrorists.

And what exactly is Hezbollah's and Hamas' beef? Israel withdrew from Lebanon long ago and recently from Gaza. Hezbollah's and Hamas' problem is that Israel exists. It's that simple.

The problem in the Middle East is fundamentally a cultural one - the Arab world, with a few slight exceptions, does not accept a Jewish state in its midst. Simply put, they want the Jews gone. And the international community is only concerned that Israel is too resolute in her self-defense.

Undoubtedly, the Iranians and Syria are the puppet-masters behind the recent attacks on Israel. Hezbollah's bosses have Tehran and Damascus zip codes. Charlie McCarthy did not usually act without Edgar Bergen's acquiescence.

Guess what? As much as "sophisticates" care not to believe him, Ahmadinejad really means it when he says he hates Jews and wants to wipe out Israel.

Israel has a dilemma that is unique in modern history. When she retreats, she is condemned. When she defends herself, she is condemned. But, is it really a dilemma? Israel will do what she has to do regardless of whether it upsets the distinguished folks who are gathered at Turtle Bay.

No country in the world would respond any differently to direct attacks on her soldiers and citizens. What is "excessive" is the profound hypocrisy of the international community.

It is fine to talk of diplomacy and restraint. But, until the world forces the Palestinians and their Islamic allies to accept Jews in their midst, nothing will change. And the Moose is not holding his breath waiting for that to happen. Like a Pavlovian response, the opprobrium of the world reliably falls upon the Jewish state.

At least in America, there is strong bi-partisan support for Israel's actions. President Bush, and particularly UN Ambassador Bolton, have verbally come to Israel's defense. Reliably, the center of criticism for Israel's actions come from leftists who once again demonstrate that they are not just opposed to the Iraq war, but to any determined effort against terrorism even if it is a clear and unambiguous act of self defense. It is fascinating to observe this crowd that contends that this Administration is behind virtually every bad deed committed on the planet, but when it comes to suspicion of the rulers of Iran and Syria, they are willing to cut them some slack.

This week the Jihadist barbarians struck in India and Israel. Radical Islam is counting on the "civilized" world to capitulate and appease. Israel showed that she will act.

Good for her. Defend her. Defend civilization.
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