Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth II

The Moose muses about Green Joe.

The progressive community is abuzz about the dangers of global warming - and rightly so. Unfortunately, one of the leading fighters in Congress against this threat to the environment is under attack by the loony left.

Like the Moose's hero, Scoop Jackson, Joe Lieberman is a hawk who has a stellar record on environmental issues. However, that means little to the left who is determined to purge him. Forget global warming - they want to turn the heat on Democratic centrists. And brother Al Gore is more dedicated to selling his movie that defending his former running mate who can actually take action on climate change.

Joel Connelly, a columnist in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer makes a fascinating comparison of Scoop to Joe (hat-tip Real Clear Politics),

"He has kinfolk in the Puget Sound area, displays a healthy interest in Northwest issues and takes as his model for public service longtime Sen. Henry Jackson, D-Wash...

"Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut is, like Jackson long ago in 1970, being challenged for re-election by anti-war forces in his own party...

"Nobody has stood more strongly against the Bush administration -- both Bush administrations -- in trying to curb buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and fighting to keep drilling rigs out of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

And Connelly makes a point that the Moose offered recently,

"Former Vice President Al Gore should be rallying to the man who was his vice presidential nominee in 2000.

"Instead, the global warming guru has turned a cold shoulder. "I am not involved. I typically do not get involved in Democratic primaries," said the star of "An Inconvenient Truth..."

"Gore is a fair-weather friend, but he's also a weather vane."

Progressives should not make Al Gore's error. If one truly cares about the environment, Joe Lieberman is your man.

Joe Lieberman - Green in the tradition of Scoop and T.R.!
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