Friday, July 07, 2006

JFK vs. McGovern

The Moose reacts to the Connecticut Senate debate.

As the Moose saw the debate last night, it was a stark clash of two traditions within the Democratic Party. Ned Lamont pathetically presented the McGovernite case that reflects an upper middle class, highly educated, anti-war wing of the party. He proved that he is truly the candidate of kos and the McGovernites with Modems. One almost expected the Berkeley blogger to pop up from behind his man as he did in the campaign commercial.

It is no accident that Lamont voted with the Republicans when he served in local government, and now is comfortable with the nutroots and the left wing of the Democratic Party. This multi- millionaire revealed that he cares less about the economic concerns of everyday voters and more about the anti-war pose of the left. He is the candidate of what was known three decades ago as the New Politics. These are the folks that drove the Reagan Democrats out of the party.

Joe Lieberman delivered a superb, stellar, feisty and tough presentation for the John F. Kennedy hawkish, blue collar, bread and butter wing of the Democratic Party. Indeed, at the outset of the debate, Joe quoted the words of JFK - particularly on national security. Do those words still matter to contemporary Democrats?

For eighteen years, Joe has delivered for the state. But, that matters little to the left and their candidate, the upper-crust Lamont. They do not care of what Joe has accomplished on consumer issues, civil rights, the environment or delivering vital funds for the state. All the left desires is ideological purity on the issue that is everything to them - withdrawal and the defeat that will follow in Iraq.

Ultimately, the question in this race is what vision will prevail - JFK or McGovern?
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