Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The M-L Faction

The Moose reveals his political affiliation.

The Moose will not accept timid posturing by tepid politicians. What is striking is how few politicians are willing to challenge the crippling conventional wisdom. They are the no guts and no glory crowd.

The truth is that both parties are failing the American people. The Republicans put the donor class before the national interest. For the GOP, the elimination of the estate tax is more important than expanding the military. In the pursuit of power through pork, the Republicans have betrayed their small government principles.

And the Democrats are more focused on their rage against the President than forging a politics of national unity. Few Democrats have the courage, gumption or fortitude to stand up to the left wing nutroots and activists who are attempting to marginalize the party on national security.

That is why the Moose belongs to the McCain-Lieberman Faction (Bull Moose). Unlike most other politicians, both of these men are statesmen who are willing to challenge the foolish orthodoxies of petty partisans. And the Moose is not alone in this perspective.

Consider this must read column by Debra Saunders,

"I appreciate McCain's efforts to curb Washington's runaway spending and wish more Republicans followed his lead on fiscal restraint. What is more, I think McCain in the White House could go a long way in healing the country's ugly partisan divide. Then again, I added, Democrats have their own maverick -- Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman. Unlike Dems who ran from their support of the Iraq resolution, Lieberman has remained stalwart...

"It is one thing for Democrats to feel superior to rube Republicans who don't like McCain because he is not sufficiently doctrinaire. When, however, a Democrat gets along with Republicans and espouses moderate positions, well then, he is a turncoat, plain and simple. The episode demonstrated how voters value bipartisanship -- from the other side, only."

The Moose maintains that we must bridge the red state-blue state divide. We are at war with a Jihadist enemy that plays upon our divisions. Unfortunately, the activist left in the Democratic Party loathes Lieberman more than they hate our country's enemies. More on that later.

As far as the Moose is concerned, we profoundly need a politics of national unity. Given the structure of our political system, it is highly unlikely that there will be a serious third party in the foreseeable future. That is why the Moose will pick and choose stalwart national greatness politicians regardless of their party affiliation.

The Moose is convinced that the next President will be an individual who can unite the country and offer proposals that transcend the partisan divide. It is high time that cowering and pandering politicians wise up to that fact.

Join the McCain-Lieberman faction.
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