Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Meyerson's Real Problem

The Moose argues that Harold Meyerson is out of sync with JFK progressivism.

Harold Meyerson writes this in the Washington Post today in a piece titled "Lieberman's Real Problem"

"The issue here isn't that Lieberman is not 100 percent. It's that his positions -- not just on foreign policy but on trade, Social Security and other key issues -- are often out of sync with those of Democrats in his part of the country. To expect his region's voters to dump the area's moderate Republicans but back Lieberman is to expect that they will adopt a double standard in this year's elections."

And what evidence does Mr. Meyerson offer for this assertion? Joe opposed Social Security privatization. His position on trade is identical with the last successful Democratic President. He is pro-choice and has the support of Planned Parenthood. He is pro-labor and has the support of the AFL-CIO. He is pro-gay rights and has the support of the Human Rights Fund. He is pro-environment and has the support of the League of Conservation Voters.

In Mr. Meyerson's world, that makes Joe Lieberman out-of-sync with modern progressivism. Of course, in truth, he and his blogosphere and MoveOn.org buddies have only one issue, the war. They seek an American defeat. And then, for the next generation, the Democrats will have the same problem that they suffered from over the last thirty years - they are perceived as a weak party that will not be trusted to defend America.

Joe Lieberman is overwhelmingly popular among the people of Connecticut. The only reason that he has to fight for re-election is that the national left mounted a challenge to him on one issue -the war.

There can be a reasonable debate on the war. However, there is no denying that Joe Lieberman, by any standard, is a liberal Democrat in the tradition of John F. Kennedy.

For some, like Mr. Meyerson, that makes him a right winger who is not welcome in the Democratic Party. Mr. Meyerson, you may not have a blog, but welcome to the nutroots.
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