Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Moral Authority

The Moose salutes a courageous man who takes a stand for what is right.

Long before many of the bloggers entered the world, Joe Lieberman defied evil and went to Mississippi to register African-American voters. Long before there was a silly blogging community which poses as daring and cutting edge, Joe was a member of a brave community of justice which made a real difference for America.

Over and over again, Joe has stood up for progressive values. True progressives know that Joe Lieberman is one of them. He has shown he is a man of character.

And that was reinforced yesterday when one of America's genuine progressive heroes, demonstrated his support for Joe. Congressman John Lewis, who bravely put his life on the line for equality, went to Connecticut to stand with Joe.

Read what Congressman Lewis said about Joe at the 2000 Democratic convention,

"After many of us had been arrested, jailed and beaten during the early days of the civil rights movement, Joe Lieberman responded to the greatest moral crisis of our time: He came to the heart of the delta of Mississippi to help tear down the walls of segregation and racial discrimination.

As a young student, he left the comfort of Connecticut and New Haven to be a foot soldier in the drive to register black voters...

At times, he has sailed against the wind.

Too many seekers of public office tell us what we want to hear and we believe them.

We even vote for them based on personality.

But we must choose the politics of principle over the politics of personality.

Joe Lieberman is a man of principle.

He walks by faith and not by sight."

While some politicians seem to take their direction from puerile bloggers, perhaps astute statesman should heed the words of Congressman Lewis from yesterday,

"But U.S. Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat from Georgia, said Lieberman has his support no matter what happens in the primary. Lewis was in Hartford Monday with Lieberman and U.S. Rep. John Larson, D-Conn., discussing faith-based initiatives to fight youth violence.

"I stick with my friends," Lewis said. "He's going to win. You heard it from John Lewis. He's going to win."

Unlike other politicians who capitulate, waver and calculate, Congressman Lewis demonstrated the character that is often missing from our leadership class. Again, consider these words, "I stick with my friends."

That is profound virtue from a man who is a pillar of moral authority. Listen to him.
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