Monday, July 24, 2006

Mountain Moose

The Moose is enjoying a Rocky Mountain high.

The Moose is grazing today at the DLC's National Conversation in Denver. It is an invigorating experience. Hundreds of state officials are present and they are discussing and thinking about concrete proposals to change America.

This isn't a confab of enraged chattering keyboarders, but these thoughtful leaders are making an actual difference for America. What is particularly positive about this gathering is that it is positive. Pretty unusual for American politics these days.

If you are looking for barn burning partisan rhetoric and righteous rage, you would be disappointed. But, if you are seeking innovative ideas to transform America, Denver is the place. The focus here is not singing to the choir, but rather how to persuade the unconverted.

If you want to get a flavor for the ideas that are bring discussed here in Denver, take a look at the new issue of Blueprint here. The Republicans are currently imploding, but unless the Democrats offer concrete ideas for transforming America, they will not become the majority party.

The hope for the Democrats lies not in the blogosphere or in the corridors of power. Rather, the promise for the party is in places like Colorado where leaders are confronting real problems of real people.

Democrats must learn the limits of rage and the promise of innovative ideas.
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