Monday, July 03, 2006

Party of Kennedy

The Moose wonders how JFK would fare in his Party today?

The Moose stipulates from the outset that it is impossible to completely project a historical figure into the current political situation. However, it is fair to suggest that both parties have radically changed over the past half century. They are now far more ideologically homogeneous. Back in 1960 there were far more Republican liberals and Democratic conservatives.

As a result of this dynamic it is very difficult to be a genuine centrist Democrat (or, for that matter, a centrist Republican) particularly in the northeast. So, how would JFK fare today in Massachusetts or in another state in that part of the country? Kennedy was a hawkish, pro-growth progressive who certainly was not the darling of the liberals.

In fact, in 1960, the true blue libs supported Humphrey or even longed for another run by Adlai. However, compared to today's left, yesterday's liberals were down-right centrist. Since the Viet Nam war, liberalism has shifted leftward particularly on the use of force and on the social issues that emerged in the seventies.

Joe Lieberman, more than any other national Democrat represents the JFK tradition in the national Democratic Party. And that tradition is now being challenged by the left in the party.

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