Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Stakes

The Moose explains what is at stake in Israel's action against Hezbollah.

Iran is on the offensive. From Iraq to Israel, Iran is perpetuating mischief and conducting war against the "non-believers."

Tehran acts like they are winning. And they have reason to believe that they are ascendant. Iraq is on the edge of civil war. The Iranians, virtually unmolested, have been fueling the flames of sectarian strife. There have been constant reports about Iranian agents inciting attacks against Iraqis and American troops.

Meanwhile, the Iranians merely scoff at the pathetic international attempts to thwart their nuclear ambitions. It is no accident that Hezbollah attacked Israel on July 12th which was the latest deadline to end the uranium enrichment program. The Teheran puppet masters are deviously employing their terrorist assets to achieve their strategic objectives.

Israel is bearing the burden of directly fighting Iran's proxies. Of course, Israel has no choice. But, this is clear - if the international community forces Israel to stop her efforts to cripple Hezbollah it will result in another victory for Iran. And don't expect an "international force" to do the job. Hezbollah and Iran will not be deterred by "peacekeepers." The UN has long had a peacekeeping presence in Lebanon, and it has been worthless.

We should not have any illusions. If Israel does not achieve her objectives, Iran is the ultimate winner.

This is an odd moment. While some Western elites do not comprehend the stakes in this fight, the Saudis, Jordanians and the Egyptians understand that Iran must be stopped. They know that this conflict is less about Israel protecting its borders and more about thwarting Iranian imperialism.

Israel has always been on the frontlines in the war against terror. In their neighborhood, Israelis do not have the luxury to wait for the international community to act. This is not about an "age old feud" between warring parties, as some neutrals would suggest. Israel withdrew from the land that the terrorists claim.

Rather, this is another front in a World War against Islamist-fascist Jihadism. If Hezbollah is not clearly and unmistakably defeated, it will be a victory not just for a terrorist group, but a triumph for Tehran and Damascus, as well. And what makes the stripped pants set think that their generous offer of carrots to the mullahs will halt their nuclear program? Like the Soviet Union in the aftermath of the Viet Nam war, the Iranians are on the march and only strength will deter them.

Israel must be allowed to defeat Hezbollah. It is a cruel illusion that a "ceasefire" necessarily results in peace.
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