Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank You, Mr. President

The Moose expresses his appreciation to 42.

As the Moose has stated on numerous occasions, the fight in Connecticut is a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. The lefties are attempting to purge the party of it's most visible centrist and national security hawk. But the objective of the lefties is also to reject the legacy of the New Democrats that re-elected a Democratic President for only the third time in a century.

That is why it is very significant that former President Bill Clinton will come to Connecticut to campaign for Joe Lieberman. It is extremely rare, if not unprecedented, that a former President intervenes in a primary. But, the Moose senses that Bill Clinton understands the stakes in this election. He is one of the most astute political minds in American history and he comprehends that Clintonism is under assault.

The lefty nutroots and the activists loathe Lieberman not just for his support for the war, but also because he rejects the politics of petty partisan polarization. Indeed, the fury from the left directed at Joe is similar to the rage from the right that was directed at Bill Clinton. Some conservatives loathed Clinton because he was able to forge a politics of the vital center. Some of the righties even put partisanship before country in their opposition to Clinton's intervention in the Balkans. Sound familiar?

Recent polls offer good news and and news for Joe. Of course, the bad news is that he has fallen behind Limousine Liberal Lamont in the primary. But the more significant and good news is that Joe would overwhelmingly win the general election as an independent. This is more evidence that beyond the confines of the very liberal base of the Democrats and the very conservative base of the Republicans there is a hunger for a politics of national unity that gets things done for America.

President Clinton sought to achieve another way - a Third Way - that transcends the ideological divide. And now he is joining the fight on the side of the vital center in Connecticut.

Bully for Bill!
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