Friday, August 25, 2006

In Praise of Independence

The Moose applauds a fellow independent creature.

On a couple of occasions, the Moose has had the pleasure of speaking with Nicco Mele, one of the architects of Howard Dean's Presidential web site. He struck the Moose as a talented, affable, independent fellow. And he has now admirably elicited the opprobrium of the nutroots blogosphere.

What is Nicco's great "sin" that has so inflamed the puerile keyboarders of the left? He has earned their scorn for signing on with the potential Presidential campaign of John McCain. Allow Nicco explain his move,

"After Sen. McCain lost the Republican primary in 2000, I traveled with him as part of a group of campaign finance reform staffers as we criss-crossed the country working to secure support for the McCain-Feingold bill. I have long admired Sen. McCain's work on campaign finance reform and his independent streak. If Sen. McCain runs for president, he's got my support."

One would think that Nicco's explanation would win the accolades of progressives who supposedly shared his desire to clean up the campaign finance system. But no, these so called liberal and open minded commissars are convening a nutroot inquisition for his alleged apostasy.

It has become increasingly clear to the Moose that a Stalinist mindset has come to dominate the lefty blogosphere. They are the party of the small minds and the pup tent.

The bottom line is that most Americans probably see politics as does Nicco. They are not ideologues but rather hybrids of the left, right and center.

Bully for Nicco!
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