Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Writing on the Wall

The Moose responds to the Iranian response.

Give the Iranians credit, they know PR. That was evident when Ahmadinejad snookered poor old Mike Wallace in the recent 60 minutes interview. And the malicious mullahs have faith in not just in the return of the Hidden Imam, but also in the endless credulity of the West. The Iranian rulers believe that the will of the West is weak.

That is how the Moose interprets the latest delaying action of the Iranians when they expressed their willingness to "negotiate" over their pursuit of nukes. Of course, immediately before they offered this olive branch, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the major mullah, stated that Iran would continue to pursue its nuclear ambitions. It continues its uranium enrichment program. International weapons inspectors are denied access to facilities.

But, of course, the world community will celebrate the Iranian response as a important opportunity to resolve the crisis through diplomacy. And the Russians will no doubt continue to provide arms to Teheran. The mullahs must be students of Barnum because they realize that a sucker is born every minute. The Iranians have been "negotiating" with the West for the past few years while they pursue the nukes.

There is one country in the world that is on to the Iranians. Israel cannot accept the lies and the deceptions because her existence is at stake. They do not have the luxury of those in the West who are so dismissive of Ahmadinejad's promise to annihilate the Jewish state.

Benjamin Netanyahu put it well,

"Our sages taught us that in each generation new enemies arise who seek to destroy us. But not since Hitler has there risen such an arch enemy of our people like Iran's president, Ahmadinejad, who openly declares his intention to annihilate us, and who is developing nuclear weapons for this evil purpose. Until those weapons are ready, he uses Iran’s proxies to choke Israel in an octopus-like manner: in the south, the militant Sunni tentacle of Hamas, and in the north, the poisoned tentacle of Hezbollah, part of the Shiite crescent that extends from Iran to Lebanon. This is an existential danger that must be recognized now, while there is still time to act."

Of course, Iran is not just a threat to Israel, but to all liberal democracies. However, Israel uniquely comprehends the immediacy of the Iranian threat. Time is not on our side. While the mullahs may be a few years from obtaining nukes, there is a point of no return in their efforts - and it is soon.

The world, unfortunately, would rather sleep. Sanctions are just so inconvenient. Money is to be made. And diplomacy, regardless of its effectiveness, is holy in the church of the left.

Even though Iran has been showered with generous offers of incentives, the left wants them to be given even more carrots without the serious threat of a stick. Lefties claim they are tough and they are only anti-war when it comes to Iraq, but appeasement is their instinctive impulse when confronted with a national security threat to America or her allies.

But, make no mistake - the recent war with Hizbollah has taught Israel a painful lesson. They cannot afford to slumber while their enemy prepares for a slaughter. In the next war, Hizbolla could be supplied with the ultimate weapon by their patrons in Teheran.

And the writing is on the wall...
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