Thursday, September 21, 2006

Axis of Meshuganahs

The Moose wonders whether Karl Rove wrote Hugo Chavez's speech at the UN?

The Moose is just playing with you. Although Chavez - El Loco - did indeed sound like a diarist on a left wing blog site, his speech might have given a one or two point boost to the President's favorability ratings. Americans tend to rally around their leader when under attack by a pack of madmen.

What was really disturbing was not El Loco's unhinged speech but rather the positive response he received from the "distinguished" diplomats at Turtle Bay,

"Speaking from the lectern where Bush spoke a day earlier, Chavez said he could still smell the sulfur -- a reference to the scent of Satan. Even by U.N. standards, where the United States is frequently criticized as the world's superpower, Chavez's remarks were exceptionally inflammatory. They were also received with a warm round of applause."


"The gasps. The horrified giggles. The loud applause that lasted so long that the organization’s officials had to tell the cheering group to cut it out."

The inmates were applauding at the asylum.

Is this is the much celebrated world opinion that we are supposed to be so concerned about? Moreover, it is remarkable that some Senators believe that John Bolton is too harsh to represent America before this hallowed institution! Who would these wise solons have represent the US at the UN - Dr. Phil?

But, the meshuganahs were the toast of the town in Manhattan yesterday. In a despicable and disgraceful act, the "distinguished" Council of Foreign Relations hosted the Holocaust denying President of Iran who did just that,

"Never raising his voice and thanking each questioner with a tone that oozed polite hostility, he spent 40 minutes questioning the evidence that the Holocaust ever happened "I think we should allow more impartial studies to be done on this," he said after hearing an account of an 81-year-old member, the insurance mogul Maurice R. Greenberg, who saw the Dachau concentration camp as Germany fell and he refused to even consider Washington's proposal for Russia to provide Iran with nuclear reactor fuel, and take it back once it is used."

Isn't world understanding and dialog just wonderful?

America now faces an Axis of Meshuganahs - from Caracas to Teheran. Unfortunately, they are not just crazy, but evil and with oil riches and with nukes. And the world just laughs and applauds.

But, it's not funny.
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