Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Liberalism of Fools

The Moose objects to the pollution of the blogosphere.

For months, the Moose has observed that if you seek anti-Semitic and anti-Israel filth on the internet, look to the left side. Comment threads and diariists regularly rant against Jews and the Jewish state. What is striking is the degree to which it is tolerated and the "respectability" these sites receive from the Democratic establishment.

Well, there has been a significant development of awareness in the Jewish community about this rancid phenomena. The Anti-Defamation League has submitted a letter to MoveOn protesting the anti-Semitic hate that was found on their site.

Of course, the bloggers will defend themselves by suggesting that they are not responsible for the comments on their site. Perhaps, just perhaps these so-called "progressives" could pause from their efforts to purge centrists and take some time to wipe their site clean of hate.

And maybe some left wing introspection is in order. Shouldn't lefties ask themselves why the anti-Semitic haters are attracted to their sites?

But, even the respectable left is inured to the claims of anti-Semitism. Rather than express concern about the Jew-hater who leads a state that is attempting to acquire nukes, the left focuses their rage against those who would prevent this calamity. And the recent war against Hizbollah demonstrated that left sentiment is increasingly hostile to Israel.

The question is why Democratic leaders continue to collude with the anti-Semitic appeasing left? This should be a time for introspection for a party that relies heavily on Jewish support.
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