Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Papal Solidarity

The Moose urges the donkey to stand with the Pope.

Over the past several years, the Democratic Party has lost significant support among Roman Catholic voters. This erosion is, in part, as a result of the party stance on abortion. But, increasingly, Democrats are also viewed as the party of secularism.

While there has been much talk about reaching out to the "values" voters, little concrete action has been taken by the leadership of the party. The jihad against Pope Benedict offers the Democrats an opening to reach out to Catholics, as well as doing the right thing.

The Moose suggests that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean issue a joint statement today decrying the radical Islamic violence over the Pope's scholarly address. They should express their solidarity with a Pope who is clearly articulating a message of reason over violence.

This is a security issue as well as a values issue. Democrats can demonstrate that they are both adamantly opposed to radical Islamic violence and stand with the leader of the Catholic Church.

Do the right thing.
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