Thursday, September 07, 2006

Welcome Back

The Moose argues that there is only one real Democrat in the Connecticut Senate race.

Yesterday, Joe Lieberman was welcomed with open arms by his fellow Democratic Senators.

The Associated Press reported,

"Weeks after Lieberman lost the Democratic primary - and defied his party with an independent bid - the three-term Connecticut senator was greeted warmly Wednesday as he attended his party's weekly luncheon and participated in Senate business.

"Democrats gave Lieberman an ovation as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., introduced him at the lunch and welcomed him back,

"The cordial response reflected a harsh political reality. If Democrats manage to gain six seats in November and Lieberman wins, the party will need him to take majority control. Lieberman, the party's 2000 vice presidential nominee, has said he would caucus with Democrats if he prevails in his independent run."

Indeed, it is appropriate that his fellow Democrats warmly embrace Joe - he is the only genuine Democrat in the race who represents the great tradition of that party in the Senate - that of Truman, JFK, LBJ, HHH and Scoop. And what is striking is that many, many Democrats in Connecticut are sticking with Joe even though he did not receive the blessing of a segment of the party's left.

One of the great moments of the Moose's summer was when he and his family attended the Hartford Lieberman rally on the night of the primary. Although Joe did not prevail that night, it was clear that he had a message that would win in November.

Joe's theme is one of progress rather than polarization. He dares to sail against the polluted partisan polarizing wind to advance a politics that puts the country's interest first. And Joe's message is resonating in Connecticut among the general electorate.

It will be a great, hopeful development for the Democratic Party if Joe prevails in November. A Lieberman victory will tell those Americans who have been estranged from their party in recent years that there remains a place for them. Progressive hawks will continue to have a champion in the party.

Here is a thought experiment - who would Senators Truman, JFK, LBJ, HHH and Scoop be more comfortable with - Joe or his opponent? They would no doubt embrace Joe as one of them.

Lieberman, the real Democrat.

The Moose urges all Mooseketeers to check out this marvelous ad by Vets for Freedom - here.
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