Tuesday, September 19, 2006

When Jews Riot

The Moose observes that the world places a high value on violent irrationality.

The Pope has semi-apologized for his citing of a Medieval text while attempting to make a point about the virtue of reason over violence. As they did in the cartoon jihad, the radical Islamic mob is getting its way. Violence works.

Yet, the Jihad over the Pope's comments has diverted attention from the genuine outrage of the week. The ever so polite and politically correct world community at Turtle Bay will greet the Holocaust denying leader of Iran who hopes to eliminate the Jewish state from the face of the earth. He will be received with all of the proper diplomatic niceties. The oh so respectable Council on Foreign Relations will even fete the anti-Semitic tyrant. No doubt Ahmadinejad will speak in soothing terms of love, peace and understanding. If only Goebbels had this guy's PR expertise.

Being a people of reason, Jews people will peacefully assemble and protest the presence of a would be Hitler who yearns to kill a few million more of their brethren. They will not riot. They will not trash Fifth Avenue. And the world will shrug its collective shoulders and ignore them.

Parenthetically, if you believe that the Hitler comparison is imprecise, note this important point by Marty Peretz,

"Everybody gets spooked when you make the Hitler comparison. But think about it: Ahmadinejad has been much clearer in his intentions towards the Jews than Hitler was until deep into 1939, at least."

World opinion is a funny thing. It holds that the President of the United States is a warmonger and Ahmadinejad is just misunderstood. America, which has liberated millions of Muslims has a "PR" problem while a man who denies the worst slaughter in human history is paid respect. The world asks why aren't there more carrots for the man who merely seeks to hasten the return of the Hidden Imam? What about Mossadeq? Maybe, if we apologize he will give up his hope for the Islamic apocalypse.

Ahmadinejad's presence at the UN podium is a formal tribute to hate.

But, of course, one should not surprise that an anti-Semite is given respect at the United Nations. The institution has long been obsessed with criticism of the Jewish state. Of course, hostility to Israel does not necessarily translate into anti-Semitism. But, Joel Runinfeld makes this important point,

"In itself, criticizing Israeli policy is certainly not reprehensible, neither legally nor morally. What is questionable, is the singling out, the exceptional treatment which the Jewish state is subjected to. Because how on earth can we explain that a nation covering 0.0001 percent of the planet's surface, whose inhabitants make up one thousandth of the world's population, and which, according to the annual report by Freedom House, is one of the most democratic states in the world, has attracted so much media attention, whereas Darfur - but we could equally refer to Tibet, Chechnya, Burma or the fate of the Kurds in Syria - has been the stage of 10 daily Qanas for the past three years, and is glaringly absent?"

No, the Jews will not riot and the world will largely be indifferent to the anti-Semitic threat. No diplomat will turn his back on the Holocaust denier. No one will apologize to Israel or to Israel or the Jews for this moment of legitimacy for a hater.

Let's be nice.
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