Monday, October 16, 2006

Adult Leadership

The Moose responds to the Connecticut Senate debate.

This afternoon, Joe Lieberman effectively and persuasively presented the case of the vital center. In contrast,his opponents dutifully delivered their predictable partisan talking points. They both appealed for the partisans on either side of the political spectrum to vote the party line.

But, only Joe showed by detailing specific accomplishments that he has the capacity to get things done for the state. It is striking how shrill the partisans of the left and the right can appear when they are attacking the vital center. Ironically, Negative Ned was clearly relying on the Republican candidate to drive down Joe's vote. He's that desperate.

The central message that Joe delivered was that country should come before party. That is a rather unique and refreshing theme in this most toxic political environment. And the Moose senses that, beyond all the noise and clutter of this election season, voters want to hear constructive cooperation before vituperative confrontation.

In short, Joe came across as the adult. And, when he returns to Washington, he will continue to be a leader of the Coalition of the Adults.
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