Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Jewish Holiday

The Moose celebrates the commemoration of his landsman's journey.

Another Monday, another Jewish holiday. The Moose is referring to Columbus Day, of course. Although it is somewhat disputed, there is circumstantial evidence that old Christopher was a Jewish convert to Christianity who was seeking to escape persecution in Inquisition Spain. And his voyage was financed by fellow Conversos who were seeking the promised land to escape the persecution of Torquemada.

In any event, Columbus began his journey on August 3, 1492 exactly when the Edict of Expulsion of Spain's Jews went into effect. And the rest is history. He did indeed find a part of the world that was to become a refuge of the Jews.

The Moose was amused about the latest revelation of a modern Converso - Senator Allen. The truth is that most Christians have a Jewish heritage. Their boss is a Jewish carpenter.

And America is another Israel. That is why the fate of the two countries is so inextricably linked. In the minds of the tyrants and the haters, America is the great satan and Israel is the minor one. Ahmadinejad is just another Torquemada attempting to rid the world of Jews.

So, today the Moose salutes Christopher Columbus. Perhaps it can be the official Jewish holiday for all the Conversos.

While Columbus might not have been mishpocha, he was truly a mensch!
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