Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bi- Partisan Resolve

The Moose observes that the focus shifts from the pervert to the Dear Leader.

It took the North Korean nuke (presumed) test to push the Foley story off the front page. While Democrats and Republicans will point accusatory fingers at each other, North Korea has been a bi-partisan failure. Neither Democratic nor Republican Administrations have had success in preventing that rogue state from obtaining nukes. If you are searching for recriminations, check out the New York Yankees.

However, the Bushies raised the stakes and the North Koreans called their bluff. The Moose is not amused - talk tough and carry a twig.

This nuclear test was just another reminder that we live in a dangerous world. Two charter members of the Axis of Evil are on the march. There is significant likelihood that the North Koreans will sell their nuclear expertise to Iran and other Islamic extremists.

We face a foreign policy crisis of immense dimensions. Iraq is in a state of possible collapse. Iran and North Korea are emboldened. And the war against Jihadism continues.

It is unlikely that the United Nations will take any serious action in this crisis. However, we must push for tough sanctions. We must pressure the Chinese to crack down on their ally. Japanese rearmament may also be the order of the day. Missile Defense should be fully funded. And isn't it time to confirm John Bolton as UN Ambassador?

Once the election ends, the Coalition of Adults must form. Serious oversight is needed.

For the past several years, a sane foreign policy discussion has fallen prey to partisan bickering. The Administration is insular and the Democrats are consumed by Bush hatred. Meanwhile, our enemies are exploiting our divisions. Both the elephant and the donkey must get their act together. We have far greater enemies than each other.

Our true enemies in Pyongyang and Teheran are watching.
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