Monday, October 30, 2006

Center Surge

The Moose luxuriates in the ascendancy of the center.

Election day could be a very, very important milestone for the insurgent middle of the American body politic. That is because it is very likely that a whole new group of Blue Dogs and New Dems will be coming to Congress.

Today's New York Times,

"In their push to win back control of the House, Democrats have turned to conservative and moderate candidates who fit the profiles of their districts more closely than the profile of the national party...

"Collectively, the group could tilt the balance of power within the party, which has been struggling to define itself in recent elections. The candidates cover the spectrum on political issues; some are fiscally conservative and moderate or liberal on social issues, some are the reverse. They could influence negotiations with Republicans on a variety of issues, including Social Security and stem cell research.

"There are two main groups of moderate Democrats in the House: the Blue Dog Coalition, a caucus of socially conservative and moderate members formed in 1994; and the New Democrat Coalition, a caucus of centrists formed in 1997. While there are differences between the two - the Blue Dogs tend to be more rural and Southern, with occasional alliances with Republicans, while the New Democrats are more suburban and wealthy and place a premium on party loyalty - there are members who belong to both. Both, of course, have a stake in helping the centrist candidates succeed."

Those right wingers and left wing activists who are avidly looking for the Democrats to go off the deep end if they control the House will be disappointed. The Democratic center is where the power will be and it will steer a responsible course for the party.

After all the attention that has been devoted to the nutroots and the like, folks are awakening to the fact that it is cool to be centrist. Hopefully, the Democratic Presidential wanabees will wake up to the fact that they must court the center of American politics in order to reach the Oval Office. Democrats can conquer red America - but they must do it as radical centrist insurgents.

Catch the wave!

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