Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Coming Right Rebellion?

The Moose observes that the thrill may soon be gone.

Why do conservatives continue to support the Bush Administration? The Moose can only think of two primary reasons - court nominees and the Democratic alternative.

Many conservatives also believe the President has been steadfast in the war again the Jihadists, and they share his vision of the nature of the conflict. Indeed, the Moose agrees with the view that a genuine democratic transformation of the Middle East is the only way to vanquish the evil that is battling for the soul of Islam. It is a very good thing that Saddam is gone from power.

But, how can any honest conservative not be deeply disgusted with the Administration's management of the war? It is now clear that the Administration betrayed its vision by failing to provide sufficient resources. Specifically, the Bushies ignored the need for more troops. And, it is also obvious that the Administration is not listening to the growing chorus of conservatives that is calling for a significant infusion of more troops in Iraq. Despite his innumerable failures, Rummy apparently isn't going anywhere.

Yesterday, the Washington Post editorialized,

"It nevertheless seems clear that U.S. chances for success would have been far better than they are today were it not for the overwhelming and shocking incompetence with which the administration has managed the war. From the failure to produce a coherent postwar plan to the disastrous performance by the occupation authority that was belatedly installed, the Bush team turned a difficult mission into a near-impossible one. President Bush and his most senior aides meanwhile stubbornly refused to listen to advisers who warned of the consequences of their policies."

Back in 1990, the right rebelled against the first President Bush when he raised taxes. Isn't a failure in Iraq much, much worse than an increase in marginal tax rates? Can't the right muster at least as much outrage about the possibility of losing the war than they did over the Dubai port deal? When it comes to Iraq, the right is far too polite.

The Moose does not expect a conservative rebellion against this Administration before the November election. However, when that day passes, will the right finally express their opposition to an Administration policy that is clearly failing?

A defeat in Iraq would constitute an unmitigated disaster for our war against Jihadism. And what exactly is our tough policy against the Iranian mullahs? Are we advancing even non-violent regime change? Administration officials sound increasingly Carter-like in their hapless efforts to deny nukes to the mullahs. If a Democratic Administration displayed this type of weakness, conservatives would be rioting in the streets. While many lefties are blinded by Bush rage, many on the right fail to do what is right out of loyalty to the Administration.

But, the Moose senses that conservatives may a be a bit more vocal come on November 8 when Republicans may be in the minority in one or both Chambers of Congress.
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