Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Independent Impulse

The Moose is feeling independent.

Yesterday, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg campaigned for Joe in Connecticut. Mayor Mike represents the political future. He is a pragmatic, trans-partisan problem solver. He has demonstrated that he can bring Democrats and Republicans together to effectively govern.

What angers the nutroots and the like is that Joe puts country before party. But, that is exactly the sentiment that the country is looking for at the moment. The public is tiring of the political polarazation that afflicts the governing class.

The question for '08 is whether the two political parties will produce Presidential candidates who transcend partisanship. If the nominees are the same old polarizers, expect some interesting developments.

Specifically, if the parties don't get their acts together, Mayor Mike will likely fill the vacuum. Richard Cohen in today's Washington Post,

"The prospect of a Bloomberg presidential candidacy delights me. I grant you that just last week I was excited about Barack Obama, but that is because I think the more the merrier -- especially if they are truly bright, unencumbered by a need to defend the Iraq war and willing to look at things afresh. This is particularly the case with Bloomberg, who has an unorthodox approach to politics. He says what he means and he means what he says and he tells it like it is."

Here is the scenario - the Republicans and the Democrats will probably have their nominees by the spring of '08. If both of these nominees are conventional, expect Mayor Mike to announce in May. This self-funded trans-partisan billionaire who has demonstrated success and competence both in business and government could cause quite a stir.

Donkey and Elephant - beware the independent impulse!
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