Friday, October 20, 2006

Money Can't Buy You Love

The Moose notes the people powered fraud.

Remember the glory days when the nutroots claimed that people power would fuel Negative Ned to a populist victory? Well, he is emptying out the coffers of the family kitty in a desperate attempt to buy a seat. And by the way, since Negative Ned is relying on his wife's wealth, shouldn't he reveal his joint tax returns over the past few years?

The people would like to know.

It appears that despite all of the fevered efforts of the nutroot community, the fervent keyboarders are a bit cheap. They may be "crashing the gates" but they aren't exactly making a rush on their bank accounts for their boy, Negative Ned.

And now this breaking news that you might not hear from the nutroots,

"Sen. Joe Lieberman has increased his lead over Democratic challenger Ned Lamont to 17 percentage points, according to the first Quinnipiac University poll taken since the two faced off in a debate earlier this week. Lieberman, who is running as an independent after losing the Aug. 8 Democratic primary to Lamont, leads the Greenwich businessman 52 percent to 35 percent among likely voters in the poll released Friday. Republican Alan Schlesinger trailed with 6 percent and 7 percent were undecided."

"A similar poll released Sept. 28 showed Lieberman with a 10-point lead."

If the nutroots are really concerned about achieving a Democratic Congress, shouldn't they be urging the true blue to be sending money to Harold Ford in Tennessee? Oh, by the way, Congressman Ford endorsed Joe!

The Moose smiles.
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