Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Preemption, Please

The Moose suggests that true progressives must embrace preemption.

As a result of their opposition to the Iraq war, many progressives have adopted Scowcroft-Baker type foreign policy realism. They reject preemption in foreign policy. They argue idealism has its limits in foreign policy. They worship at the altar of multilateralism.

Yet, many progressives correctly deplore the genocide in Sudan. However, they are hostage to a contradiction. Without preemption, many, many more will die. The genocidal slaughter will continue.

It is clear that Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir will continue to resist peacekeepers. He will guard his country's "sovereignty". And the killing fields of Sudan will be filled with more carnage.

The Henry Jackson Society has issued a clarion call to action in the Sudan. It reads in part,

"...we call on our governments to empower and fund the African Union, so that it has one last chance to deal with the crisis. Meanwhile, our leaders must apply as much pressure as may be required on the Sudanese regime in order to make it cooperate with the international community. Khartoum must allow international forces with a robust mandate into Darfur to reverse ethnic cleansing and re-establish the rule of law, in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1706. Should this cooperation not be forthcoming, we call on our governments to take all the necessary action - insofar as is possible in coordination with the United Nations - to ensure that the people of Darfur are protected, and that those driven from their livelihoods be allowed to return to their homes. This may require the speedy deployment of peace enforcers and the establishment of no-fly zones, in order to prevent the Sudanese regime from assisting the Janjaweed in their murder.

"For many months, Darfur has stood on a precipice; today, it is very close to falling off into a dark age of chaos, carnage and genocidal murder. We must not let this happen."

Progressives should note the individuals who signed this letter. It includes both liberals and conservatives - no "realists".

Progressives should not allow their partisan animus toward the Bushies allow them to lose sight of their internationalist idealism. The greatest humanitarian forces in the world are the armed forces of the United States and Great Britain. At times, they must be deployed to stop the slaughter of innocents because the revered multi-lateral bodies of the world will sit on their collective hands.

Stop the slaughter in Darfur.

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