Tuesday, October 17, 2006

President Ford

The Moose reveals the identity of the person who may become the first African-American President of the United States.

Ok, maybe the Moose is getting ahead of himself. After all, Harold Ford has not yet won his Senate seat. And Senator Obama may reach the Oval Office before him.

But, Ford will likely win in November, and then he is on his way. That is because he has run the most flawless Senate race in the country.

Ford understands how a Democrat wins in the South. He does not waver on national security. He identifies with the religious values of his constiuents. He can distinguish between a Pentecostal and a pretzel. He separates himself from the liberal brand of the national Democratic Party.

And Harold Ford comes the closest to possessing Bill Clinton's political skills. He's that good.

Rich Lowry of the National Review recently wrote a perceptive piece on Ford - here. It began,

"One of this fall's biggest controversies over mixing politics and religion came courtesy of Tennessee Democratic Rep. Harold Ford. No, he wasn't the one yelling about the inappropriate expropriation of faith for political ends, as you would expect of most Democrats. He's the alleged offender. This fact alone goes a long way toward explaining why Ford could win a race for a Republican-held Senate seat in Tennessee and help tip control of the body to the Democrats.

"Ford's ad had him walking between pews in Mount Moriah East Baptist Church, where he was baptized as a child. It prompted howls from ACLU-types but showed that Ford is comfortable talking about his faith. He understands that Democrats can't hope to win in places like Tennessee unless they demonstrate active sympathy with the deepest-held beliefs of voters."

Democrats, and indeed the nation need Harold Ford in the Senate because a revival of Southern moderates will provide a balance in our politics. Democrats are lurching to the left on national security and more hawks will keep the doves in check. Undoubtedly, Joe and Harold will be strong allies - the Scoop caucus.

It is no accident that the past three Democratic Presidents have been Baptists from the South. For a Democrat to win in a center-right country, he or she has to appreciate the conservative values that are held by a majority of Americans.

The Moose may have to wait until he is blogging from an assisted living facility to see Harold Ford being sworn in as the Commander in Chief. But, the time may very well come.

Another President Ford may be in our future.
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