Friday, October 20, 2006

The Republican McCartneys

The Moose luxuriates in accusatory finger pointing.

The long knives are out. Although the election is over two weeks away, the elephant is already engaged in what Rich Lowry calls "pre-criminations". Who is to blame for this impending GOP fiasco? Some on the right are so anxious for the recriminating to begin that they are willing forfeit the House.

Today's New York Times,

'With polls showing Republican control of Congress in jeopardy, conservative leaders are pointing fingers at one other in an increasingly testy circle of blame for potential Republican losses this fall."

Fiscal conservatives blaming the appropriators. Reformers blaming the DeLayicans. Religious conservatives blaming the moderates. Nativists blaming inclusionists. Libertarians blaming the religious right. Paleos blaming neos. Hawks blaming the State Department.

And all Republicans will point an accusatory finger at the White House. The only family suffering from more acrimony and turmoil than the Republicans are the McCartneys.

The talk on the conservative street is that the Bushies are indeed as incompetent as they seem. It was only a few short years ago that the right was swooning over the President as he took his victory lap during the Mission Accomplished landing. Now, the right is breaking ranks and running for the tall grass. Next year, expect the remaining congressional conservatives to be in quite a rebellious mood.

The commander of the recriminations brigade will be Newt Gingrich. He will attempt to promote his Presidential ambitions by excoriating the Republican establishment for the betrayal of his revolution. He will not get the nomination, but he will break a lot of china along the way.

Let the recriminations begin!
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