Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Spend it all, Ned!

The Moose notes another example of the amazing "people" funded power of the nutroots.

From yesterday's Boston Globe,

"Wealthy Democratic businessman Ned Lamont is pumping another $2 million of his personal fortune into his bid to unseat three-term Sen. Joe Lieberman.

"Lamont wrote the check Tuesday, his campaign confirmed. With less than a month left before the Nov. 7 election, Lamont has personally contributed $8,751,500 to his campaign.

"Lamont's personal wealth has been estimated at between $90 million and $300 million, according to his campaign."

Clearly, the nedheads have not delivered so Ned must draw upon the his fortune to finance a relentlessly negative campaign. But, if Negative Ned is relying on his own finances, shouldn't he reveal his joint tax returns over the past few years? Where is the transparency?

An inquiring Moose would like to know.
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