Friday, October 27, 2006


The Moose salutes the donkeys who have stood with Joe.

It is rare in politics when leaders dare to defy the partisan pressure to toe the party line. A case in point is the Connecticut Senate race. Joe Lieberman has clearly indicated that he will stick with the Democratic caucus when he returns to Washington.

Yet, either out of fear of the activists and nutroots or out of desire to pander to this crowd, some of Joe's colleagues have supported his opponent or remained silent. Some put their presidential aspirations before an opportunity to display character by showing loyalty to a friend and a colleague who was the party's vice-presidential standard bearer.

So, it is noteworthy and significant when a Senate Democrat has the courage and determination to openly stick with Joe. Senator Mary Landrieu is one such profile in courage. Yesterday, she went to Connecticut to campaign with Joe. The Senator stated,

"One of the first calls I made after the levees broke was to Joe Lieberman. In a time of national crisis, Joe had the calm, intelligence and compassion to help get me - and our country - through those difficult months. We have a long way to go in this country to strengthen our homeland security, and Joe Lieberman has the experience, intelligence and integrity to help us reach our goals and make us safer.

"Joe's record in the Senate, what he's done for Connecticut and the nation, justifies why I have broken from our Democratic party to endorse him - a party both of us respect. People are tired of the slash and burn politics in Washington these days. Joe is the type of leader who can take us in a new direction."

Something interesting is happening in this race. Joe is emerging as the anti-establishment centrist insurgent while his opponent has become the candidate of the partisan old guard. Ironically, the nutroot crowd has become old school while Joe is cutting edge. As Senator Landrieu said, " Joe can take us in a new direction."

That new direction is what the Moose calls the "New Patriotic Center." It puts country before party and results before partisanship. And Joe is the leader of this new political phenomena.

When will Joe's colleagues figure it out that the center is the future? Senator Landrieu has, and the Moose says Bully for her!
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