Friday, November 17, 2006

Hibernating Moose

For now, the Moose bids adieu to his Mooseketeers.

It's been a good run. The Moose has tremendously enjoyed musing, observing and holding forth on the issues of the day. But, for the time being, this cervine creature will not be seen in cyberspace.

The great and grand political development of the past year has been the triumph of Independent - Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman. Joe has bravely revived the great tradition of Scoop Jackson that is so critically needed at this time of international challenge and crisis. The Moose is leaving the blogosphere with the deep satisfaction that in a small way he was part of this historic and monumental victory for the vital center.

The Moose has attempted to give voice to the immoderate moderates that are often not represented by either the donkey or by the elephant. In the proud tradition of T.R., the Moose has defied the reigning orthodoxies of the two parties.

The Moose may re-emerge at any moment in a new venue. The fight is far from over. The program of progressive national greatness is a powerful one that can have great resonance in American public life.

So, the Moose declares "farewell", for now. He is hibernating... or not. He thanks his Mooseketeers for their loyalty and often insightful communications to him. And the nutroots and their ilk should not take solace in the departure of the Moose. The Moose will surely re-emerge again. When and where will the Moose be spotted?

The Moose works in mysterious ways...
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