Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerryed Away

The Moose cautions the elephant not to deceive himself.

The Kerry distraction will not greatly influence this election. Of course, it has consumed the political class over the past forty-eight hours. And Senator Kerry proved once again why he will not become President of the United States. (Maybe, he can go visit with his buddy Negative Ned in Greenwich - they deserve each other and can commiserate and swap stories about fine wines, expensive art and fleets of swift cars). But, the elephant should not take solace in the Kerry distraction.

This election is largely set in stone. The electorate is tired and disgusted with Republican rule. That is why "safe" GOP seats in such Red States as Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas and Nebraska are now vulnerable. And a pathetic comment by tin-eared Senator Kerry will not change the dynamic.

The electorate correctly fears that we are losing a war. And the old wedge issues will not detract the voters. Wedge issues work when there is no big issue.

The Republican coalition is about to fly apart. On Wednesday, the various factions of the party will be at each others' throats. And the Democrats should curb their enthusiasm about the impending victory. It could be temporary.

The likely Democratic triumph will be largely due to the support of independents. Ruy Teixeira has an excellent analysis - here. These voters will be looking for the Democrats to be pragmatic problem solvers rather than acting like the partisan polarizing Republicans that they are rejecting this year.

For the next two years, both parties will be on probation with the public. First and foremost, the challenge of the leadership class is to put us back on a winning track in the war against Jihadism.

So, for the next few days, we will experience the silliness of the closing hours of the campaign. On Wednesday, it is time for our leaders to get serious.

America faces a crisis of extraordinary dimensions.
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