Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sanity Prevails

The Moose praises the triumph of reason.

Not all Democrats were drinking the Kool Aid. Rejecting the siren's call from Switzerland and the braying of the blogosphere, nineteen sane Democratic Senators defied the suicidal impulse of the loony left and their zealously pandering colleagues and rejected a judicial filibuster. These wise solons recognized that some day a Democrat might actually occupy the Oval Office and offer a Supreme Court nominee. An effective filibuster would have established a dangerous precedent that would have haunted a Democratic as well as a Republican President.

In short, the adults won.

What's disturbing is that all of those Senate Democrats who hold Presidential aspirations supported the filibuster. Some of these same Senators even attempt to maintain centrist pretensions. They not only displayed highly questionable judgment, but they also capitulated to the pleadings of the lefty fever swamp. It was hardly a profile in courage. That pandering will not serve them well if they are ever fortunate enough to face a general electorate.

But, for now, we can celebrate that procedural extremism was rejected by a slew of courageous donkeys. Bully for them!
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